Tree removal is a broad term that encompasses many of the more specific services that we provide here. Tree felling is one of those more specific services that we’re referring to, and it’s something that should always be done by certified professionals – people who know exactly what they’re doing!

Tree felling involves a lot more that sawing or chopping the bottom of the tree and hoping for the best! There’s an exact science behind tree felling, and our knowledgeable team is highly skilled at this hazardous service. We say this all the time, but it bears repeating: Do not try to perform dangerous, unfamiliar tree services yourself! Even with the help of friends or neighbours, you could end up getting hurt or hurting someone else, doing thousands of Rands worth of damage to surrounding property, or much worse!

Our arborists are specialists and possess extensive experience in felling trees and removing them.

Our tree fellers, fell any size tree in almost any location. We have felled many trees in awkward situations and we can navigate through the tightest of areas with minimal disruption.

Sectional Tree Felling

Tree Sectioning is the dismantling of a tree in tight situations where high value properties are under or around the tree. The dismantling of trees in sections is an extremely skilled operation where small errors could cause a lot of damage and be very costly.

Our experts are highly skilled in navigating tight spaces and have carried out tree felling in very tight situations. Section felled trees will be cut and lowered down from| the crown to the ground using up to date rigging techniques ensuring no damage is caused. This is an extremely skilled operation and requires a professional.

Straight Tree Felling

Straight felling is where a tree is cut from the base and allowed to fall to the ground  in a controlled manner.

The straight fell of larger trees is usually only carried out on properties with sufficient space. For the straight felling of trees that are smaller this is much simpler and may be performed safely in a lot of properties and gardens. We do however try to use slings and ropes to safely bring trees down where ever possible.